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Mr. Mike Cook

The message of Daham Pahana spreads out throughout the world

Brother Anton Charles Thomas makes a persuasive argument for the loss of substance from the Christian Faith.  “Jesus suffered an unimaginably slow and terrifying death.  His palms and feet were nailed to the cross.  Then in order to prevent him from standing straight and relieving the pressure on his hands and feet, His knees were shattered by the Roman soldiers for good measure.  And yet he uttered not a word. Today, millions of people have made the crucifix, a symbol of unspeakable horror and pain, a monument, a celebration and the Church itself has turned into an all powerful, all-conquering corporate behemoth, and completely thrust aside the underlying message; that of the power of love and compassion, even against your worst enemies; the power it has to overcome and to help find inner truth, the power it has to untap the universal human potential for spiritual growth.”

For the uninformed, Daham Pahana is a spiritual movement founded in 2001, that uses music to spread a message of love, compassion and unity.  Its founder, Anton Charles Thomas identified every religion in the world has an underlying fundamental Dharma that permeates across the entire spectrum of each religion’s teachings; in the years since the establishment of Daham Pahana Brother Charles propagated that fundamental aspect of religion and called on his followers to look beyond the ritualistic quagmire that all religions have become mired in and see the essence of what all great men – from Jesus Christ to Lord Buddha – have taught.

Brother Charles’ success has also hinged on his use of music, a universal language, to expound the Daham Pahana message.  He and his troupe of musicians travel across Sri Lanka entertaining and spiritually uplifting the masses at the same time.  In recent times the movement has seen significant increase in the number of youth who have become involved with Daham Pahana, signifying a direct correlation between socio-economic problems and the rise in the numbers who seek solace in spirituality.  Daham Pahana now has full time centres in Kegalle, Chilaw, Kelaniya, Pamunugama and Katuneriya just north of Colombo.  These centres outside Colombo host weekly meetings of the movement where members and new recruits can gather to discuss new projects and to seek out ways to seek out ways to move Daham Pahana forward.

It is an amazing story; the expounding of the concept of the Universal Human Potential for spiritual progress.  Brother Charles says, “No one is born bad.  A bad deed is merely a change in the external appearance of an individual.  Understanding that spirituality exists underneath this facade is the catalyst for overcoming problems.  Throughout history there have been examples of individuals overcoming both their own limitations and the obstacles they face; from Jesus Christ to Anguli Mala to Mahatma Ghandi; these are people who faced brutality, who were scarred beyond imagination and who were burdened by the worst than a human being can be afflicted with. And yet they overcame their personal and external obstacles to become spiritually enlightened and helped to bring others out of the darkness as well.