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Carlo Fonseka


No matter where on earth we may happen to live, we are all members of the human family. Whatever our beliefs might be we all consciously pursue happiness and instinctively avoid suffering.

Science, religion and art are our practical strategies for pursuing happiness and avoiding suffering.

Science is concerned with understanding nature and nature’s laws. It uses the exercise of logical reason as its methodology.

Religion explores our origin, purpose and destiny in this world. It uses reason as far as it will take us and then transcends it, when we enter the realm that defies logical comprehension.

Art, through the creation of beauty, appeals to our emotions.

In their separate ways Science, Religion and Art shape our behavior.

Amiable Brother Anton Charles Thomas is first, last and always a man of Religion. As it happens, he is divinely gifted natural singer. He has used the magic of his voice to enchant thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands in Sri Lanka and abroad, to the realization of spiritual values. His message is that compassion and charity for all is the essence of every Dhamma and Religion. Inspired by birth and upbringing by Jesus Chriist though he is, his ecumenism embraces all Religions including Humanism.

In this age when ritualistic traditional religion is manifestly losing its influence among well informed young people, Brother Charles’s approach to the spiritual life of humanity has a certain intrinsic appeal. The remarkable success of his charismatic career over the past 16years is evidence that he is not just a flash in the pan; and that the Daham Pahana movement he created, nurtured and enriched is not a passing fad.

Notwithstanding the Shakespearean insight that “there’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face”, I have built an implicit trust in Brother Charles. I explicitly identify myself with his Daham Pahana movement. His Cordial acceptance by many discerning Buddhists both clergy and lay is a good omen for religious harmony in our sadly divided country.

May I tell those who have ears to hear and care to hear that in the name of humanity we should all enthusiastically rally around and support Brother Anton Charles Thomas.

Carlo Fonseka