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Shanthi Uyana

A place of peace, calmness and serenity
Proffering vistas of breathtaking beauty
Engulfing body and soul in a sea of tranquility
Resplendent, mesmeric, fascinating beyond all verbal description

A place where the morning stars combine together with the chirpy birds to usher in the daybreak (built in such a way offering the sunrise view from one’s own bedside in adoration), where the surrounding mountains and hills feature a melancholy splendour and majesty all of its own, set in a vast expanses of unending greenery, scintillating verdure beckoning the soul to drink in the heavenly dew, situated in a commanding height spotted with peaks and ridges stretching away one after. At sunset the rosy lights are succeeded by the cool purple shadows that gradually fade into cold gray. The stars come out, and there is no sound outside the Camp except perhaps the cries of distant cattle or the barking of some watch-keeper’s dog.

These mountains are apt to attract the seeking traveler by their very diversity on their winding slopes and steep and verdant peaks reminiscent of those of the most sought after mountain peaks in any part of the country. There are, it is true, cliffs and crags strikingly narrating their own story. These mountains and hills have a great charm for those who have come to know them. To the lover of nature they are symbols of eternity. They are strong and steadfast, bearing testimony to the creation of God, manifesting His power and majesty. The waterfalls interspersing the landscape add their own value to a totally ethereal experience to the ardent nature lover.

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