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The Founder

The founder – Anton Charles Thomas

This is the story of how one man shared and utilized his spiritual awakening to uplift the lives of thousands of Sri Lankans and in other countries.

Charles is the founder of Daham Pahana which was formed in early 90s. This heavenly mission has already touched the lives of tens of thousands of people in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan expatriates living around the world. Charles travels regularly to more than 20 countries including Australia, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, UK, America, Netherlands, Italy France and in near future to other parts of the world to perform for expatriate Sri Lankans in that country.

Hailing from a strongly Catholic, wealthy business family, led a carefree and essentially devoid life particularly having lost his mother at an early age. But he had always been a keen singer and composer, experimenting with tunes and his singing talent. This talent took him on the regular path taken by many an aspiring singer in Sri Lanka; the club and hotel circuit where a life of decadence awaited. Due to his talents and joining with political and social chaos, Charles found life among the wealthy gentry of Colombo appealing and fulfilling. The hedonism, materialism and alcohol infused lifestyle came to a head when Charles was diagnosed with Leukemia in his early 20’s. It was a staggering wakeup call which led him to find solace in God. The change transformed his life, and he has been spreading the message of the strength of spirituality ever since.

From Rev.Fr.Paul Perera – Patron – Daham Pahana

Charles & I shared our dreams and found that we had the same vision. As the sessions progressed we both felt a sense of urgency to spread the Love of God into every nick and corner in the country.

From Professor Carlo Fonseka

Notwithstanding the Shakespearean insight that “there’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face “ , I have built an implicit trust in Brother Charles . I explicitly identify myself with Daham Pahana Movement. His cordial acceptance by many discerning Buddhists both clergy and lay is a good omen for religious harmony in our sadly divided country.

May I tell those who have ears to hear and care to hear that in the name of humanity we should all enthusiastically rally round and support Brother Anton Charles Thomas