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Ve Prasansa, the musical enlightenment
Written by Ajith PERERA   
Friday, 08 July 2011 10:09

Prayer can do wonders and the same spirit of prayer can bind people in unity that cannot be destroyed or detached by any power on earth.

When people of different walks of life pray together in unity, the strength and power they experience in this collective enterprise is enormous. Such a motivated diverse crowd in unity may pray aloud and sing aloud for what they are and for what they have received from Above.

On the other hand some weep or lament when their shortcomings or offences are realized. When they are guided to leave behind their weaknesses and awaken to a new life while following the footsteps of Jesus either they praise or sing in glee because they know that 'He who sings prays twice.'

This is a widely accepted truth in which the faithful can be brought into one aim and one direction. That is why hymns of praise acclaim a pivotal position in prayers. Prayer, the dialogue between God and man, can be of different forms.