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Daham Pahana

As the name denotes, Daham Pahana has been a light to Sri Lanka and many other nations. Formed in early 90’s with just a handful of members, Daham Pahana at present is vibrant with a large number of adherents eager to taste the serenity and comfort of divine love permeating the very atmosphere. Situated in western Sri Lanka by the undulating flow of the Kelani in an exhilarating environment, Daham Pahana displays its worth and value as a centre to find relief and inspiration coupled with relaxation, experiencing the very essence of divine love.

The people come with an inborn longing, and an innate desire to be loved. That is the seed of divinity in every one of us. Daham Pahana promotes and aspires to bring it out in action. The aim of Daham Pahana is to create a world governed by spiritual values, which is to say, to empower Sri Lanka and the rest of the world through the outworking of Dharma. Daham Pahana unites people into one movement dedicated to maithree, love, and peace without regard to differences in their race, religion, language, class or caste. Daham Pahana has succeeded in uniting people of different faiths to spread the message of spiritual values.

Daham Pahana has successfully brought together and blended those skills of artists belonging to different races and religions to spread the message of spiritual values through music in not only in churches, temples but even in large gatherings. Daham Pahana believes that even as the great religious teachers taught, love and maithri can overcome conflicts and strife in the world.

To empower nations with spiritual values, there must be an army of people who believe in spiritual values. Hence ALL those who believe in the propagation of spiritual values are welcome to join hands with us in Daham Pahana to usher in the love, joy and peace longingly sought by all over the world.