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About Dahampahana

about our journey

For the uninformed, Daham Pahana is a spiritual movement that uses music to spread a message of love, compassion and unity. As the name denotes, Daham Pahana has been a light to Sri Lanka and many other nations. Formed in early 90’s with just a handful of members, Daham Pahana at present is vibrant with a large number of adherents, both local and overseas, liberally tasting the abundance of serenity and comfort emanating from this ethereal enterprise.

  • Daruwanta Ratak Ratata Hetak
  • Kandula
  • Sihinaya
  • Ve Prashansa
  • Sitha Hadana Thuru
  • Oba Nodutu Samindano
  • Jeewathwenna
  • Ma Nodutu Ma