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Programs for school / university children

Our next generation should be carefully and lovingly nurtured. According to studies carried out by the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board (NDDCB) and the Department of Prisons, children as young as 12 years old have become drug addicts in Sri Lanka and majority of adolescents smoke, consume alcohol and illegal substances, they’re aggressive and violent. It is quite devastating. Our sole mission is to mould them with the right attitude and values. Unfortunately most rural schools don’t get any support to conduct programs.

Programs for prisoners

Despite all arguments in its favour, Rehabilitation has remained an empty concept at most Sri Lankan penal institutions. Day after day, year after year imagine having no space to call your own, no choice over who to be with, what to eat or where to go. Our efforts are to help him or her to fit well into society, be accepted by family and community and not to re-enter prison after release.

Daham Pahana can only fulfil it’s mission of spiritually empowering our nation with your generous contributions.

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